Monday, 13 May 2013

Storyboards And Final Key moments

Abstract storybeats start

This is my initial start for the storyboards using a collage approach to generate some quick interpretable ideas for the storyboards, concentrating on the main storyboard moments.

Initial Storyboards

These are the initial storyboards  that I worked on for the Alien Prison brief. I initially went for a fairy clean line drawing style with an animatic approach to the storyboard. This proved to be impractical as the drawings took too long to do and did not allow for the quick changeability and the fast turnaround of my later storyboards

Version 2 of the storyboards concentrating on a quick drawing style in order to get the idea across of the whole board.

 These are my final revised storyboards, I decided to the lose the value as I like the simple line drawing approach and believe they are easier to read. From this point I believe Ill go in and add some expressions and refine the poses a bit more before a final hand in.

And finally these are my Key Moment scenes.

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