Sunday, 26 May 2013

Learning Outcome 6_Operate ethically demonstrating critical understanding of the issues governing good practice.

The following are practices that should be abided by when operating as a concept artist. Do not plagiarise others work ie taking someone story for instance a changing it only slightly. Do not claim work that is not your own is yours, for instance if you have work that is down as part of a team clearly labelling which parts you did and didn’t do is very important in an industry where you are very likely to have multiple people work on your art.

Not infringing on others copy right or claiming that work your have done is for a commercial product. For instance the brief that we were given by Ubisoft Reflections Art Director for Assassins Creed is not for a product to be made in the Assassins Creed brand, and as such we would not claim it is.

Some other issues seen as good business practice are abiding to contracts, keeping to non disclosure agreements and so on.

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