Sunday, 19 May 2013

Learning Outcome 4: Integrate and synthesise research into design solutions

This is a selection of the some of the references I used to inform my designs in the Alien Prison brief.

And below a selection of designs for the guards and the aliens.

I have used the various elements of the uniforms in my reference to help inform the designs of my prison guards, initially my designs were much more militarised similar to my reference however upon feedback from tutor these were deemed inappropriate in the context of a prison. As such I toned down the design elements to go for a medium between the two designs.

With a lightly armoured guard who was slightly unique in uniform design between each character but had enough uni-formality between the group to hopefully show they are all part of the same guard outfit.

With the alien designs I used my deep sea creature reference in order to inform the designs, I also had pictures of panthers and other large cats to inform the first alien design. My goal was to have 3 unique creatures that had amphibian or water dwelling traits to suggest they are different species that are present in 1 world that was perhaps primarily made of water.

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