Saturday, 18 May 2013

Learning Outcome 2: Analyse Industry and professional requirements

The visual storytelling requirements for industry professionals in the field of concept art are:
  • is the artwork sensitive to the audience in question. For example a 3+ game is unlikely to show characters with sharp teeth or claws as it is not appropriate to that audience. Moreover a hugely colourful artwork is not really appropriate for an audience whom is expecting a dark and gritty style of work.
  • As a follow on to the above is the Age group in question. If ask to design for a horror game for instance. Creating scary creatures, with bits falling off, and exposed body parts is not going to work if its a game for young children. However doing stylised Studio Ghibly style horror creatures that are more 'cutesy' is much more acceptable as they are not overtly scary but are appropriate in the context of the horror game.
  • Cultural Sensitivity, an example is the recent furore over inappropriately placed religious icons in Call of Duty.
  • Cost – ex. Voice overs, Cinematic's etc. are very expensive both in man power and resources
  • Art Direction can effect storytelling significantly, for example a really vibrant colour palette would compliment a fun, humour filled story, and also help to aim more towards a younger audience.

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