Sunday, 26 May 2013

Learning Outcome 8_Exhibit strong communication skills

Torture scene, Alien Prison key moment.
I believe the above key moment is a good example for communication skills

I think its successful in that its clear the Alien is getting tortured and that hes possibly dangerous. As well as this its clear whom the torturers are and whom the victim of the torturing is. Lastly I believe the illustration use of composition helps to sell the Alien as the focus of the piece.

I would not consider it very strong though in the sense that my figure drawing as point out previous is lack in anatomical knowledge. Which takes away from the scene, and I've inadvertently captured the moment after the action rather than the key moment of action which does not help communicate the point as well as I would of liked. And it also makes the scene less interesting.

However I do feel the piece has communicated its point, therefore I believe it successfully addresses this learning outcome.

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