Sunday, 26 May 2013

Learning Outcome 5_Evaluate and defend own work in the context of contemporary practice.

Establishing shot for the Alien Prison. This is the second version of a final key moment illustration.
The above illustration is one of my final 'Key Moment' scenes for the Alien Prison brief. My goal here was to show an establishing shot of the prison and give an overall feel of the world and setting of the story.

As a reference point for a professional comparison I will be using the Key Moments shown in Atomhawk games portfolio page:

The Key Moment illustration has a strong use of composition which helps to establish the main Alien Prison in the background as the major point of interest. With the perspective, and contrast, and value grouping helping to pop out the prison from the background. Moreover the use of design elements such as showing different vehicles, various types of architecture (old and new for instance) give the illustration give some sense of technological and cultural setting of the piece.

The use of colour is fairly saturated, with a primarily warm tone for the majority of the city, this helps give a sense of invitation to the city. Which helps towards enticing the viewer to find out more about the world.

Compared to the professional works done at Atomhawk studies the work lacks that dramatic feel that many of the key moments appear to have, and some of the energy seems lost through the use of a more painterly look to the work compared to the looser brush strokes of the Atomhawk work. However use of composition and colour is closer to the standards on display.

Looking at the key moments on the Atomhawk portfolio page appears to show more use of contrast and mood in the overall pieces. Whilst attempts appear to have been used in the above piece to show that it could perhaps be exaggerated more to help with the dramatic feel of the key moments.

Comparing to the contemporary work done by Atomhawk games and the work displayed above the illustration does fit into a contemporary workplace however the work shown would not be up to the same level of quality on display without addressing the issues mentioned above.

Plan and implement appropriate skills in the creation of visual work.

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