Friday, 15 March 2013

Further Alien Development and Start of Prisoner Uniform designs

Here is the development for the first Alien prisoner. I decided to make him more panther like with similar muscle structure around the legs to suggest he is a fast runner. I also wanted to give him an opposable thumb on his feet in order to suggest he is able use his feet to similar effect of his hands – I was thinking along the terms of prehensile but I believe that applies to tails lol.
I actually started sketching this picture via pencil in order to try something different and then used a digital camera to take a picture for painting over in photoshop since I dont have a scanner. In retrospect I could of saved an hour or two by sketching in photoshop.

With the costume I am thinking along the lines of a graphic design approach of 4 simple tones and geometric shapes. My idea was some kind of suit that has the 3 injections they give death throw inmates built in. Therefore if the alien prisoner is unruly/violent etc he can be given each of the injections in turn. In the second thumbnail I played with the idea of a bomb detonater attached to the handcuffs so that if the alien tried to raise it arms to attack a guard etc the pins would come out and thus blow the alien in half. I plan to design the the costuming more fully indepentelly later. For now it helps me to think of how they fit on the form. Each of the aliens are on separate layers so its a case of simply playing dress up doll with them lol

Here are the second and third Alien designs and a line up of all the designs minus their costumes. Ive decided to just stick with 3 Aliens 4 seems unnecessary since each of these aliens is completely different from the other.  With the second Alien design I was thinking along the lines of a squid like creature with sharp claws and possible clawed hands. As such with the prison uniform I was again thinking along the 3 injection idea but also now with a lean towards some kind of mobility infringement in the design.

Ive carried this line of thought to the final alien design whom is a translucent creature based on a deep sea shrimp creature that I saw. I thought it would be interesting if he had a somewhat translucent suit as well, perhaps anything the alien where is like that? or because he has some kind of chemical reaction in his body that needs to be monitored visually. I was also thinking along the lines of a skin tight suit that when triggers constricts cause loss of circulation, mobility, pain, etcetera

I’ve decided that because these are all unique creatures they would have different constraints placed on them to deal with their various traits. With the next designs I plan to take these initial ideas and thumbnail unique constraints for all of the alien designs that all hopefully appear as a set designed by the same prison. Which is sort of what I was doing with the graphic design approach to the initial thumbnails.

I decided to go with a high viability jacket design which I will have the constraints showed in a previous post over them to create a layered look to alien prisoners given them some uniqueness/personality as well as unification in their design. Since the forms of the Aliens are different I decided it would be best to pick a few colours and keep the patterning relatively similar throughout the thumbnails which will hopefully keep them feeling like a set.

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