Friday, 15 March 2013

Further development of prison guards and the start of the Aliens

Here are my final concept sketches for the prison guards with a line up to see how they all fit together.

The executioner – with this one I decided to make him more heavily armed, and stand out a bit from the others because of his main role of executing prisoners. My friends suggested I add some form of respirator to the designs or some sort of equipment due to bacteria infection from the Aliens. I decided this character best fit this in the sense that when they have this spectator sport they would be in the Aliens own atmosphere perhaps due to some kind of 1 sided battle. I was thinking along the line of the cells having specialised atmosphere for the particular species of alien so the guard. Another reason for his coverings is due to all the blood flying around, which would make sense he wouldn’t want it in his eyes or mouth.

The New warden – I decided it would be more interesting to make this character a strong female instead of another male as it was getting a bit boring line up cast. I didnt realise until after I had finished this one shes actually meant to be a he in the brief, oh well hopefully it wont matter too much. Will have to read more carefully in future. I wanted to try and make this character parallel the Head warden posted previously with a strong pose and a commanding presence.

This one is a watch tower type guard, I wanted him to be a fairly standard security guard look minus the high powered rifle. So perhaps this base design could be used for guards with various duties/grunts. If it was for a video game they would be the base character essentially for the player to overcome.

And here is a line up of all the characters. I tried to keep the characters looking like they were in a similar firm by having a standard logo on the uniform and keep the designs fairly similar in terms of how the clothing is designed. The colours are different and some of the characters have different items like furry hats or basecaps etc but hopefully they all look like a group.

In terms of size I wanted the head warden to be slightly bigger than everyone else due to his importance and to make him more formidable. I wanted the new warden to be of similar height to the other characters so she didn’t seem weaker and I matched the pose btw of the warden to give her a confident and strong feeling to the character. I felt the executioner would be better suited to similar height to the head warden but more lanky to suggest agility and slightly shorter as he isn’t in charge. Whilst I felt the watchtower guard should be the shortest and bulkiest as he is essentially a grunt.

After this I started on the designs for the Aliens, initially doing some more thumbnails that have no clothing on so I can design more suitable costume for them later. I am thinking of either designing the characters in a similar prison suit or give them raggy looking versions of clothes they could of be caught in to suggest they are mistreated perhaps. Ive narrowed down the designs to the 4 at the bottom. I will be iterating further on these designs to narrow down a tighter form and silhouette and then design the costume around them. I decided to do just 4 to match the prison guard numbers. I decided to not make them the same species but have them all evolved from the same aquatic world so that they seem like a set but are all unique species.

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