Friday, 15 March 2013

The Brief

The Brief

The brief for this module is a mixture of character design and visual storytelling. My main task is to create the following:

1. Head Warden and Prison Guards
2. The Alien Prisoners
3. 3 Key moments
4. Storyboards

Location: A high security prison which holds the aliens. It is an iconic building in a heavily populated area for example Pentoville prison. Executions are held as public attractions. Theres something going on behind the scenes – open to interpretation.

The Character descriptions are as follows:
Prison Governor
Intellectual ineffective leader. Concerned with idealistic issues whilst the brutal reality of the prison seems to be unnoticed by him.
Head Warden
Brutal psychopath. Prone to indulging in acts of pointless cruelty.
New to the job and finding that things are not what he expected.
Efficient and polite (Albert Pierrepoint)
Exotic collection of aliens and suchlike.
Special VIP Prisoner
Hidden away and unseen.

I started off these module blogs on wordpress originally and then transferred them over here. I have tried to consolidate the posts a bit so that its easier to view. For other modules you can click on the links to the right. Ill gradually add more modules as and when I start them. So at the end of the course I should have an easy to navigate collection of my work and learning outcomes.

The Concept Art practice module is a collection of different briefs as its the module where we get industry visits and set live briefs.

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